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 Complete Crock Water System 

 Attractive earthenware crock holds 3+ gallons, keeps water cool; upper unit has our America One filter installed and rests comfortably on the crock. 

You take charge of the water your family drinks. 

Enhanced filter eliminates bacteria, pesticides, viruses down to .2 microns and is rated for 10,000 gallons. 

Eliminates Lead, Arsenic, Fluoride and a host of other heavy metals and contaminants.

  Price: ​$129.00 Complete System   $85.00 Upper reservoir and filter

                                                                         for your own crock at home


Crock Water Filter System

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     During these uncertain times, it makes sense more than ever to prepare for the unexpected.

Let's take that a step further: it's empowering to have knowledge and skills to take care of our families, and weave those ways of doing things yourself into your daily life.

     We created Self-Sufficient Living with the goal of preparedness in mind, but in an affordable,  sensible way.  Many of the products and ideas shared here will promote confidence and inspire peace of mind to you and your family in an unexpected emergency. 

​     We are committed to finding affordable solutions as we encourage every American to take the  first step toward self sufficiency. 

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