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​A little about us...

Hi folks- we are Chris and Brenda Mahan, and we are the creators of Self-Sufficient Living and Bug Out on a Budget. We hope to teach others about the art of thinking outside the box while preparing for emergencies, and to provide tools and ideas to people who want to take care of their own families if an emergency presents itself.

Both of us have the heart of a teacher.  We would rather show you how to do it yourself for little or no money.  Our journey to starting our company began with our own search for an affordable water filtration tool that had to meet a few select criteria- it had to be durable and it had to be reliable, and it had to be affordable.  Every product we offer to our customers we use ourselves.  

We realize that many people are so busy working that their time to do it themselves is short; that's ok, because half the battle is realizing there's a need for learning self-sufficient living skills. Then you find help to get moving in the right direction and acquire tools and knowledge in order of importance.

We learned quickly that some people want to buy the tools while others wanted a classroom presentation with questions and answers at the end.  As a result, you might find us speaking to your local group, church or club.  We offer our services free of charge to any group who'd like to hear about preparedness in general or about a specific category, like canning and preserving, water filtration, food storage and simpler methods.  

Bear with us as our site grows- some areas are still ideas not yet implemented.  We looked forward to hearing from folks, please drop us a line if you find our site helpful to you.

Chris and Brenda